A girl and her mate @sarageeee . It’s been a year , im very glad I saw you

Thank you Matt ☺️at united ink convention (at Cradle of Aviation Museum)

Thank you rich :)

It’s mama jvngs birthday . She has supported me in everything and cried most of the time because she was scared , but I got chu mama . I’m gunna get her that big grand piano one day

Progress . Maybe one more session on it next week & it will be done & then some background ! Thank you @horichiro_ 오빠!!!

Another sad flash sheet is completed for today . I would like to tattoo any of these . Email : chrisjvng@gmail.com

Thank you @capsizehardcore @danielwand for this awesome opportunity to work on a design. Very much looking forward to this shirt coming out ♠️

Cute last minute walk in